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Psycho-social study of outstanding female athletes.

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      United States
    • Abstract:
      An ex post facto analysis of the life histories of 24 Olympic female champions to determine events and variables in the psychological and social driving forces behind outstanding achievement in sports. The data were gathered by personal interviews, the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) and a Data Questionnaire. The analysis of the clinical data revealed some developmental dynamics that seemed to characterize all subjects: a deep desire to excel, early goal-setting, and the ability to follow through on these goals, a strong self-concept, well-developed heterosexuality, and parents who were supportive and had high expectations for their daughters. The analysis of EPPS data revealed two pronounced psychological variables: a high need for achievement and high need for autonomy. The personality profile of the group showed a balanced curve, indicating emotional stability and normal personal adjustment.
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      Parent Item: SPHP1015
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      Thesis (Ed.D.) - Boston Univ., 1974.;
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      SIRLS Database
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      Publication Type: Article; Thesis or dissertation Update Code: 19981201
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