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O processo competitivo de natacao e as caracteristicas de desenvolvimento dos nadadores da categoria infantil filiados a Federacao Gaucha de Natacao.

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      The purpose of this study was to investigate if the competitive process is organized according to the developmental characteristics of the infant swimmers. The sample had 24 swimmers of both sexes, 13 female and 11 male, affiliated to the Gaucha Swimming Federation (ages up to 12 years old); 24 parents, and 6 coaches. As instrument, a semi-structured questionnaire was used, regarding physiological, biomechanical, psychosocial, and learning aspects, cited by Krebs (1987) in his model of motor development. Anthropometric measures were taken (weight, height, trunk-cephalic height, and height of limbs), and the evaluation of the maturational stage of the female swimmers using the breast development, menarche, and pubic hairs, and for the male swimmers only the pubic hairs. The results were analyzed through descriptive statistics, mean and standard deviation, Spearman correlation, frequency and percentage. It was concluded that the programs of competition for Swimmers below infant category seams to organize the training programs based only in the principles of adult swimmers, disregarding the multidimensional aspects of development of the infant swimmers, being an interferent factor of the opportunities. The data of this study show a lack of a bigger relationship among coach-parents-swimmers, which could cause incongruities and conflicts in the competitive process as a whole. These two considerations allow us to point that the competitive swimming process seams to be inadequate to the developmental characteristics on the infant swimmers.
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      Thesis (M. Sc.) - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, 1991.; ; Thesis (M. Sc.) - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, 1991.;
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